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Calathea 'Pinestar'

English name:

Calathea 'Pinestar'

Latin name:

Calathea majestica 'Pinestar'

About me:

My stunning leaves with splashes of pink and regular crescent stripes perch on slender stems, making me quite a beauty. I am definitely the most elegant plant in the Calathea family.

Useful to know:

I am native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

My slender stems can grow to about 50-60cm in height.


I like bright, indirect like and absolutely no direct sunlight please!


Keep my soil evenly moist but never soggy and don't leave me sitting in water. 


I'm more than happy living in normal room temperatures of between 16-24 degrees C.


Fertilise me once a month in spring and summer and every 2 months during autumn and winter.


I'm easy, just cut off any dead leaves and dust me. Click here to buy Calathea 'Pinestar' plant.


I like humidity so please mist me and place me near other plants or on a pebble tray with water. 


I am perfectly safe for pets and children.


I'm often confused with the Calathea Ornata but my leaves are narrower and pointier than those of my cousins. 

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