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Elephant Ear 'Black Velvet'

English name:

Elephant Ear 'Black Velvet'

Latin name:

Alocasia reginula 'Black Velvet'

About me:

My name literally means Little Queen and if you manage to get your hands on me, you'll know why. I have velvety black leaves with silvery, luminous veins that are unusual and impressive.

Useful to know:


I originate in Southeast Asia, more specifically the jungles of Borneo and Malaysia.


I'm fairly fast growing and can reach between 1m and 1m 20.


I like bright light but keep me out of the sun.


Let my soil dry out completely before watering. I will not cope with sitting in wet soil. A well draining compost is essential.


I prefer the warm but I can live happily in temperatures between 10-30 degrees °C.


A weak dose of fertiliser during growing season will suffice.


Trim off any straggly leaves, but I should not need much pruning.


I like humidity but it's also quite easy to overwater me. If you notice my stems go soggy, ease off on the water and let me dry out for a bit.


I'm toxic if you eat me, so keep me away from kids and pets.


Some people call me 'Jewel' as I'm compact and pretty rare!

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