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Golden Pothos

English name:

Golden Pothos

Latin name:

Epipremnum Aureum

About me:

I have large glossy, green leaves that curve outwards and finish in a point. You can tell I'm a golden pothos because my markings are yellow.

Useful to know:


French Polynesia.


I'm a speedy grower and can reach as long as 2m. Trim me to keep me under control or embrace the jungle-look and let me flow.


I like medium light; not too bright but not too shady either.


Water me when I'm drying out, I don't like too much water.


I'm pretty easy going when it comes to temperature - anything over 10 °C is fine.


Give me some weak, all-purpose fertiliser during Summer.


Just give my leaves a wipe if dust builds up, so I can breathe properly.


If I'm getting too long or a bit straggly, take sharp shears and give me a trim.


Keep me away from pets and children.


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