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Lace Fern

English name:

Lace Fern

Latin name:

Asparagus Setaceus

About me:

I have long, wiry stems with super fine ferns, like lace thread. Initially I am quite bushy but I'll lean out as I grow older.

Useful to know:


I come from Southern Africa.


As I mature I may shed some of my bulk, growing tall and lean.


I grow best in bright, indirect sunlight - don't let my leaves get scorched.


Keep me fairly moist but definitely don't let me sit in water as this can cause my roots to rot.


Keep me warm and away from draughts please!


Give me some weak fertiliser a few times during the growing season, I won't need as much in winter.


If my ferns are looking a bit straggly, you may want to give me a trim. Please use sharp shears and don't rip me.


As I'm a fast grower, I may need repotting sooner than your other plants. Check to see if I'm rootbound in Spring.


Good news: I am pet-safe!


Although I'm always referred to as a fern (because of my appearance) I am actually a member of the Lily family. Click here to buy Lace Fern.

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