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Moonshine Snake Plant

English name:

Moonshine Snake Plant

Latin name:

Sansevieria trifasciata Moonshine

About me:

I'm a pretty new addition to the Sansevieria family, so you won't find me in many homes. My broad, thick leaves are a silvery-green colour with an almost pearlescent sheen.

Sansevieria are also great for air purification - they absorb poisonous substances and expel oxygen as they photosynthesise. 

Useful to know:


I am native to West African tropical regions.


I am slow-growing but can reach 60-70cm in height eventually.


I'm pretty easy going when it comes to light - I like bright, indirect best but can also do well in low light and direct sun too.


I don't need much water at all so please make sure you don't overwater me as I could get root rot. During winter, reduce my watering to once a month.


I like to be kept warm and unlike most tropical plants I like a dry heat so will be alright near a radiator.


I don't ask for much - twice yearly fertilising will do.


I'm super-hardy and don't require much other than the occasional dusting.


I am mildly toxic so make sure my leaves aren't ingested by curious pets and kids


We can't imagine many pets would want to chew on the tough spikes, but if they do, they might get digestive discomfort.


I am a great bedroom buddy as I convert CO2 into oxygen at night (as opposed to most other plants) and can help you sleep better by breathing cleaner, oxygen-rich air all night long.

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