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Night Flowering Cactus

English name:

Night Flowering Cactus

Latin name:

Cereus peruvianus Florida

About me:

My common name referes to the fact that I flower only during the night and my flowers last just the one night, so you'll be lucky to ever see one!

Useful to know:


I am native to Florida


I can grow up to 2m but only in the wild.


The more the better! Get me the brightest spot in the house please.


I don't require much but it depends on where you've placed me. Start by watering me once a month and add an extra dose if I'm in a hot place.


I can deal with a big range of temperatures from hot to cold.


Not necessary but do add some in if you're repotting me.


None required!


If you notice me getting 'squidgy' please cut back on the watering!


Pets are unlikely to get close enough for a bite!


I am a cousin of the Dragon Fruit and produce fruits that are edible raw.

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