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Peperomia Hope

English name:

Peperomia Hope

Latin name:

Peperomia Rotundifolia

About me:

I am a lesser seen member of the Peperomia genus. I sport thick, ploddy, rounded leaves on long hanging stems.

Useful to know:


The Amazon.


This Peperomia can grow slightly larger than its close relations, say half a meter long and about 30cm high.


Not too bright and not too shady, please.


Keep me lightly moist but let the top inch of my soil dry between waterings to ensure my roots don't rot.


A warm environment is best, I'll suffer if I'm in a room below 12°C.


Feed me with diluted liquid fertiliser every 2-3 weeks during spring.


Dust my brilliant leaves to keep them looking tip-top, and to allow me to photosynthesise correctly.


I can get brown leaves if you leave me in sunlight, and if you over or under water me. Too much light will cause brown spots. Too much water will make me wilt and too little water will give me dry tips and edges.


Perfectly safe for all.


With my robust foliage, I am a champion air purifier. Pop me in an enclosed office or in the home and I will absorb some of the nasties in the air. Click here to buy Peperomia Hope.

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