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Pilea 'Greysy'

English name:

Pilea 'Greysy'

Latin name:

Pilea glauca 'Greysy'

About me:

I have tiny round leaves that come together to form a frothy mound. I am easy to care for and a good air purifier, so a good desk plant.

Useful to know:


I am native to Southern America.


I am a trailing, ground cover plant so don't grow much more than 7 cm in height.


I prefer bright, indirect light, but never in full sun as my leaves may get scorched.


Keep my soil slightly moist while I am actively growing. In Winter, when growth slows, wait for the top two inches to dry before watering.


Keep me warm; no lower than 14 degrees please.


Feed me monthly in the spring and summer using a half-strength solution of a liquid houseplant type.


I don't need much grooming but if a stem is suffering, you may want to help me along by cutting it back. Watch closely for spider mites and wipe them away with a damp cloth if you see any.


I like humidity so please occasionally spray me with water.


Good news: I'm considered non-toxic so should be okay around pets, as long as they don't eat me whole!


I could be popped in a terranium if it was one with a drainage system, as I'm pretty non fussy and will spread well in an enclosed vessel.

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