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Pygmy Pineapple

English name:

Pygmy Pineapple

Latin name:

Ananas 'Corona'

About me:

I'm a funky favourite of silver tinted foliage and a central miniature pineapple. My fruit are smaller, bitterer cousins of the ones you can buy at the supermarket - you probably don't want to eat me!

Useful to know:


I am from South America, particularly Northern Brazil.


In your home, I probably won't grow too much higher than 40cm, but I will beget more pups quickly which you can repot and cultivate.


I prefer well lit areas away from direct sunlight.


Wait until my soil is properly dry before watering me.


I like proper tropical warmth and never below 15°C.


Keep feeding to a minimum as excess nutrients will cause leafy growth at the expense of my pineapples.


Once my fruit fades, snip me off. I should then produce offsets which will take over and become new pineapple plants!


Brown leaf tips are a tell-tale sign that the surrounding air is too dry. Snip these ends off and place me on top of a pebble tray to increase humidity.


I'm mildly toxic if ingested, so your call about whether to keep me near pets or children.


My foliage is used to wrap cigars in the Philippines.

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