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Satin Pothos

English name:

Satin Pothos

Latin name:

Epipremnum pictum Argyraeus

About me:

I have large, heart shaped satin green leaves with large silvery-white splotches. Don't mistake me for a Sweetheart Philodendron, my leaves have a less exaggerated point and are varriegated with more subtlety.

Useful to know:


Southeast Asia.


My trails can grow as long as 3 metres and I'm fairly fast growing, so a good choice if you want to add a touch of whimsical drama to your home.


Keep me in a moderately well lit room; not shady but not in bright light either.


Wait until I'm slightly dry before watering; too much will cause my delicate roots to rot. Consider misting my leaves instead.


I like to be kept warm but can cope with about 15°C for short periods.


Apply a weak general purpose fertiliser during the summer.


If I'm getting too gangly, cut back straggly ends and I should grow more consistently.


I like a little humitidty. If the tips of my leaves are browning, it could be because the room I'm in is too dry. This can be resolved by popping me on top of a tray with damp pebbles.


Keep me away from pets and children.


I'm sometimes called 'Scindapsus pictus Argyraeus'. Pictus means 'painted' and is a reference to my silvery variegation. Click here to buy Satin Pothos

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