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Staghorn Fern

English name:

Staghorn Fern

Latin name:

Platycerium Bifurcatum

About me:

My unusual upper leaves resemble stag's horns, hence the name. My lower drooping fronds often have an unusual disk that catches insects for nutrients.

Useful to know:


I am a tropical epiphyte, originating in Australia, New Guinea, Africa, Madagascar, southern Asia and South America.


I can grow huge in the right conditions, eventually encircling whatever i am grown on.


I am from the tropics so unlike most ferns I like bright indirect light and humid conditions.


Never ever leave me sitting in water and please let me soil dry between watering. I must have a well draining soil.


I like normal room temperatures of between 16-23 degrees C. Please don't leave me in temperatures below 10 degrees C!


You can feed me a dilute fertiliser though Spring to Autumn


Trim shabby leaves, my disk-shaped, shield leaf will turn brown in time.


The most common cause of rot and losing leaves is overwatering. If I get black spots on the guard leaves, the can spread rapidly and kill me. This is a fungus called rhizoctonia so please use a fungicide or let me dry out completely and water moderately until the spots disappear.


Good news: I am pet-safe!


I can be potted into a piece of hessian sack with a small amount of free draining soil and attached to a board for a striking wall mounted decoration. Let the water run down the board rather than the plant and allow to drip dry before putting back on the wall.

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