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String of Pearls

English name:

String of Pearls

Latin name:

Senecio rowleyanus

About me:

I am easy to grow with small, spherical leaves that look like a string of pearls (hence my name!).

Useful to know:


I am from Southwest Africa


I'm fast growing, and my tendrils could grow as long as 1m.


Keep me in a bright room but don't like me get much direct sun.


Water me well when soil is completely dry, but make sure I never sit in water. Ideally water at the bottom of the pot instead of the top of the soil.


Keep me above 13°C and keep me away from draughts and open windows. I will droop and loose pearls if it gets chilly.


Feed me once per month during growing season.


Prune any straggly ends to keep me healthy.


To encourage growth, repot me every year or two into a slightly larger pot.


Keep away from children and animals.


Although I am supremely delicate, I am actually a succulent.

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