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Sweetheart Plant 'Brazil'

English name:

Sweetheart Plant 'Brazil'

Latin name:

Philodendron scandens 'Brazil'

About me:

I am known as a sweetheart plant due to my beautiful heart shaped, golden-yellow variegated leaves.

Useful to know:


I am native to Mexico, Brazil and the West Indies.


I am a fast grower, and will climb up a support or trail from a hanging basket. Care for me well and I might reach 4m.


I prefer medium light. I can tolerate bright light but not direct sunlight. A good option for a less sunny room.


Let the very top of my soil dry before watering as I don't like wet roots.


Temperatures between 16-24 degrees are ideal for me.


During the growing season feed me every 6 weeks with a diluted solution.


If I'm getting too gangly, cut back straggly ends and I should grow more consistently.


Wipe my leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust. That way I can photosynthesise properly and look my best./p>


I am toxic, keep me away from pets and children.


Once mature, I may produce spathes of green-white flowers, periodically.

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