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Calathea Triostar | Stromanthe Sanguinea 'Triostar'
Calathea Triostar | Stromanthe Sanguinea 'Triostar'

Calathea Triostar

Stromanthe Sanguinea 'Triostar'

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The Stromanthe 'Triostar' has incredible foliage that comes up brilliantly with Christmas lights and will look great in your home after the festive period, too.

No two leaves will be the same, with variegated dashes of red, pink, white, cream and green. Its native habitat is the rainforest floor, so keep it warm, lightly moist and out of direct sunlight.

Calatheas are wonder plants in terms of our wellbeing philosophy. They're pro air purifiers, so good for your physical health. They respond to night and day by opening and closing their leaves, so they make the perfect soothing bed time companion. And they like a little extra care (misting and leaf dusting) which gives you the chance to build a nurturing relationship with your plant.    

Growing pot sizes 14cm diameter; 11.5cm height. 

Pets and children: Safe

Looking for pots?

I fit best in 14cm pots.

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