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My plants are beautiful, so vibrant and healthy. I was so happy when I opened the box and saw them.

Patricia, via Trustpilot

The Plant-Lover's Gift

A special plant and pot combination for the person in your life who will appreciate the beautiful Squamiferum.

This is a rare Philodendron from the tropical rain-forests of South America. It boasts deep burgundy stems and lush green leaves. The red vines are lined with little soft hairs that are pleasantly tactile, and the leaves are each uniquely ridged, making this plant a nice alternative to the slightly more common Monstera deliciosa. 

The Plant Lover's combo also comes with its own supportive bamboo frame. You can train it to climb or remove the frame all together and let it trail. 


The Grand Gift - £50

Want to be the bearer of the grandest gift this Christmas? This tropical Sago Palm with our red Berry ceramic pot is a showstopper, adding drama and a tropical flair to any home.

The Sago Palm is an easy care plant with great architectural structure and shadow-making skills to die for. We've paired it with the simple but elegant Berry ceramic pot which complements its class but doesn't detract from the plant's beauty.

The perfect gift for the wistful summer dreamer, the house proud or anyone you're looking to impress.

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The Decadent Gift - £35

Want to show off your own good taste this Christmas? This Calathea Ornata in our Little Dipper pot is a stunner, bringing a sense of class and sophistication to any home.

The 'Ornata' is one of the more unusual and ornate varieties from the Calathea family. It has dark green glossy leaves with perfect pink stripes, and to make you lust after it even more, it even purifies the air your breathe. We've paired it with our simple yet awesome cement and gold Little Dipper pot.

The perfect gift for the health-conscious, trend-setting home decor lovers, or those with sophisticated tastes.

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The Warm Gift - £34

The Calathea Orbifolia is one of our all-round wellbeing stars, with benefits from each of our Breathe, Restore and Boost categories. We've paired it with one of our new Peacock pots, a cute off-kilter pot with three little feet. 

It's a great way of showing someone you care and will offer a much-needed winter pick-me-up. 

This large-leaved beauty is at once exotic and calming. A rain forest-dweller, it likes regular misting and will perspire in turn, maintaining humidity levels in the home. 


The Kooky Gift - £30

 The Pygmy Pineapple is one of the most original plants we've ever stocked and coupled with the smart Tumbler pot, it's bound to bring a smile to even the Grinchiest of friends and family.

The Pygmy Pineapple is a real pineapple, though it won't feed the guests. As a member of the Bromeliad family it'll soon sprout babies next to the main plant. It's bound to provide a talking point for any room, even one with the most awkward of relations in it ;)

The perfect gift for novelty plant hunters, those pining after the tropics, your grumpiest family member or anyone needing a smile.

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The Colourful Gift - £30

Brighten someone's day with The Colourful Gift: a 13cm Calathea Triostar and Little Dipper pot. 

The Stromanthe 'Triostar' has the foliage to beat the winter blues and enliven any living space. No two leaves are the same, with variegated dashes of red, pink, white, cream and green. 

We've paired it with Little Dipper, an elegant and simple pot that doesn't compete with the Calathea's brilliance. Little Dipper comes in a cool industrial cement, with contrasting gold paint.


The Classy Gift - £26

A snazzy but understated pairing: The Ripple Jade with our Big Dipper pot. 

Crassula arborescens undulatifolia 'Ripple Jade' is a beautiful, tactile succulent with fleshy green fronds and a wonderfully dense, corkscrew growth habit. Compared to most succulents, these guys are moderately fast growers so you should have no trouble getting this guy to bush out and spill over. 

They need little attention,  just a room where they can see the sky and watering when the soil has properly dried out. 

The Ripple Jade is all about texture and form and we've kept the stripped back simplicity in our pot choice. Big Dipper comes in a cool industrial cement, with contrasting gold paint. 

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The Easy Gift - £24

This Central American red and deep green succulent is a the perfect low-maintenance house or desk plant. Angular fronds gather around a central point, forming a rosette in reds, greens and burgundy. 

These guys demand very little so they're a great gift for someone who might be a new plant parent. Reduce watering to an absolute minimum in winter; once a fortnight in summer.

We've paired the Echeveria with Sea, a simple sloping pot with dappled markings and a lip at the bottom.  


The Small But Mighty Gift - £20

This Dragon Tree 'Magenta' is as hardy as its fierce name sounds and coupled with our Blue Mist pot, it's a gift that screams adventure. 

Dragon Trees are some of the toughest plants out there and perfect for the most black-fingered of relations, so our no-fuss plant and pot combo will keep greening up any room, however neglected it is!

Perfect for those lacking in plantcare skills, those often out on adventures and anyone with a penchant for dragons!

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The Ultimate Plant Gift
- from £100

A gift that's as close to perfect as you'll get, our Gift Subscription includes a beautiful plant with perfectly fitting ceramic pot and care card, delivered straight to your loved ones' door each month. 

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions and we'll send you a beautiful gift card to give to your loved one. Plus, for a limited time, we'll be adding in a greetings card from our fave artists of the moment, Sakina Saidi!

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