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Father's Day Gifts | Find the perfect plant gift for Dad

Yucca Plant | Yucca ElephantipesYucca Plant | Yucca Elephantipes
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Yucca Plant

1 review
Clusia Princess | Clusia rosea 'Princess'Clusia Princess | Clusia rosea 'Princess'
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Clusia Princess

Lemon Tree | Citrus LimonLemon Tree | Citrus Limon
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Lemon Tree

£59.95 £64.99
Plant Therapy | Dr. Katie CooperPlant Therapy book
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Plant Therapy

Rubber Plant Belize | Ficus Elastica 'Belize'Rubber Plant Belize | Ficus Elastica 'Belize'
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Rubber Plant Belize

Philodendron 'Green Princess'Philodendron 'Green Princess'
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Philodendron 'Green Princess'

£19.95 £24.99
Calamondin Orange Tree with basketCalamondin Orange Tree fruits
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Calamondin Orange Tree

3 reviews
weeping fig tree in a white and sand coloured potweeping fig tree closeup
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Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree

1 review

Blue Star Fern

Lucky Bamboo 'Victory' | Dracaena Sanderiana 'Victory'Lucky Bamboo 'Victory' | Dracaena Sanderiana 'Victory'
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Lucky Bamboo 'Victory'

4 reviews
Zig Zag Plant SupportZig Zag Plant Support
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Zig Zag Plant Support

Pineapple Plant | Ananas comosus 'Pygmy Amigo'Pineapple Plant | Ananas comosus 'Pygmy Amigo'
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Pineapple Plant

£19.95 £26.95
5 reviews
Organic Plant FoodOrganic Plant Food
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Organic Plant Food

7 reviews
Aomori Hiba Balm | 15 gAomori Hiba Balm | 15 g
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Aomori Hiba Balm

Philodendron Narrow escape in the Sandstorm plant potPhilodendron Narrow Escape shop from  above
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Philodendron 'Narrow Escape'

Fishtail Palm | Caryota mitisFishtail Palm | Caryota mitis
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Fishtail Palm

£99.95 £129.00

Not sure what to get Dad for Father's Day? This year, we're saying ditch the macho fare and remember that Dad's need self-care too! Whether it's our Hiba-enriched Bath Essence or a plant to cultivate, give your Dad the tools to keep his mental wellbeing in check, all year round.