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white campanulas in brown pot, cardboard pack of seeds, silver roof bee house, block of soil, fork, spade and brown gardner's gloves
white campanulas in black pot, cardboard pack of seeds, silver roof bee house, block of soil, fork, spade and brown gardner's gloves
close up of the silver roof bee house with bamboo tubes
gardeners fork and spade with wooden handle and brown leather gloves
white campanulas in teal pot, hexagonal bee house with yellow roof and cardboard pack of seeds
cardboard paper pack of bee attracting seeds
white campanulas in black pot

Complete Bee-Friendly Bundle


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Our complete selection of bee-friendly products

Your outdoor space will be buzzing with the help of our Silver Bee Bundle!

Let our honey-making endangered buddies thrive by creating a welcoming environment in your garden.

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem: without them, the world’s growth of fruits and vegetables would decline, sharply. Bees are the best natural pollinators; essential to keeping your outdoor plants and flowers healthy.

We've created the perfect bundle to invite a new community of fuzzy friends into your garden. The silver roof bee house, combined with the gorgeous Campanula and bee-attracting seed mixture will set the perfect mood in your garden. This kit is great even for newbee gardeners, it also includes a bag of compact soil, a fork, a spade and a sturdy pair of gardening leather gloves.

Save our fuzzy friends with us and get your Bee-Friendly Bundle now! Make sure you also check out our other bee bundles.

How to Care For Campanulas

Campanulas require minimal maintenance. Place them in an area with medium to high sunlight up to twice every week. Any dry flowers must be removed to give space for new ones.

What Do You Get?

1x Tub Pot
1x Silver roof bee house
1x Pack of bee-attracting flower seed mixture
1x Compact soil
1x 14cm Campanula
1x Pair of Gloves
1x Spade
1x Fork

Pets: Not pet-friendly