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Mistletoe Cactus | Rhipsalis Cashero Ampel
Mistletoe Cactus | Rhipsalis Cashero Ampel
Mistletoe Cactus | Rhipsalis Cashero Ampel
The Misteltoe Cactus green fronds detail in a white and beige pot
The Rhipsalis Cashero in a beige and brown pot
Mistletoe Cactus | Rhipsalis Cashero Ampel
The Mistletoe Cactus in a white and grey hanging pot
Mistletoe Cactus | Rhipsalis Cashero Ampel

Mistletoe Cactus

Rhipsalis Cashero Ampel

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The Mistletoe Cactus is light, slim and trailing, a rare thing among cacti. Though you won't find cactus spines along with its fronds if you squint, you can see tiny bumps. 

It’s epiphytic, in its natural habitat it grows attached to branches or trunks of trees. As a houseplant, it’s great in a hanging pot. 

Growing pot size: 15cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 15-20cm

Key Benefits of Mistletoe Cactus — Don’t worry, be happy! 

As with most succulent plants, the Mistletoe Cactus doesn’t need extra or special care and it can also be very forgiving if neglected for a short while.  So, even if you are a brown thumb and want to enjoy the wonderful well-being benefits of living with plants, you can! 

Plant Care Tips: Mistletoe Cactus

  • Mistletoe Cactus are succulents, so should be watered very sparingly in winter, but like a drink every 7-10 days in spring and summer. 
  • Place them in an area with bright filtered light and avoid afternoon direct light. Some morning sun is ideal. 
  • Avoid temperatures under 10ºC and, if you keep the plant outside, bring it back inside during the colder months, especially if you live in a frost-prone area. 
  • Feed it with a balanced diluted fertiliser every 2 weeks during the growing season.  
  • It’s a good idea to repot it yearly to keep the soil fresh and good drainage, use a typical organic cactus potting mix.

The Mistletoe Cactus Story

Where is it from?

The Mistletoe Cactus can be found in parts of Mexico and Brazil.

Who is the Mistletoe Cactus?

Although they don’t require too much water, this succulent will let you know when it’s thirsty by turning a little brown and crispy. As soon as you water it, it will bounce back! 

Good For You!

  • Concentration: Why not hang the Mistletoe cactus about your work or study desk? Studies have shown that being around plants helps people concentrate better! 
  • Calming: Being around plants can have a calming effect and even help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.  

Is The Mistletoe Cactus The Right Plant For Me?

A great plant for a shadier corner of any home, this easy-going and forgiving succulent is perfect for new and experienced gardeners alike. 

And if you got a little extra enthusiastic with your plant collection and are running out of surface space, it looks wonderful as a hanging plant! 

Pets: Pet friendly

*Decorative pots sold separately 


A unique succulent to put a smile on everyone’s face! Get your Mistletoe Cactus today! 

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