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Small Dracon Tree Magenta with geen and burgundy leaves
Dragon tree magenta in a dusty pink pot
A closeup of the dragon tree magenta's leaves
Dragon Tree 'Magenta' | Dracaena marginata 'Magenta'
Dragon tree magenta in a beige and black basket
Dragon Tree Magenta in a basket

Dragon Tree 'Magenta'

Dracaena marginata 'Magenta'

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The Dragon Tree Magenta is often mistaken for a palm tree but this Dracaena is actually part of the same family as the Yucca. It’s as hardy and durable as they come and an awesome air purifier. The small size is tall and slim, it makes the perfect desk plant - requires little space or care! The large size will be great for a hallway or bedroom. 

Often mistaken for a palm tree, I am actually a relation of the Yucca. I'm hardy, durable and an awesome air purifier. Tall and slim, I create an indoor garden easily in any space.

Compared to other Dracaenas, the Marginata Magenta’s leaves are thinner. It has a grey-brown bark that can produce other stems so occasional pruning is needed. 

Pick from 2 sizes:


Growing Pot Size: 11cm Diameter 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 30-40cm


Growing Pot Size: 27cm Diameter 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 90-100cm

How to Care for the Dragon Tree 'Magenta' 

  • The Dragon Tree Magenta prefers light shade. It will thrive in a bright room but keep it away from direct sunlight. 
  • Water it enough to keep the soil always moist, but not wet. 
  • Mist it often to keep humidity and to help remove any dust that may fall on to the leaves. 
  • Feed it in the warmer months monthly, reducing the frequency as the weather gets colder. 
  • Avoid temperatures under 10ºC. This plant will prefer a range between 16 and 24ºC. 
  • Its roots grow quite fast but the plant will not need to be reported more than once every 2 years as they can do well with very little root room. 
  • Any old leaves that are ready to fall can be removed. You can cut back its stems to maintain its size. 

Key Benefits - Purifying and Relaxing

NASA has added the Dragon Tree marginata to its list of top air-filtering plants! It can help reduce benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene from the air. 

Studies have proven that being in a natural environment can relieve the symptoms of mental fatigue. If you live and work in a big city, surrounding yourself with plants like Dragon Trees is a great alternative!

The Dragon Tree 'Magenta'  Story

The Marginata is one of the most popular indoor Dracaenas, it is sought after for its attractive looks and ease of care.

Where is it from?

They grow naturally in Madagascar and Mauritius.

Who is the Dragon Tree Magenta?

Although they can grow relatively tall, they are very thin, perfect for narrow spaces! 

Good For You!

  • Feel good! Being around green foliage plants can trigger happiness and improve moods. 
  • Rebalancing: We are surrounded by technology in our day-to-day lives. Having plants nearby can help soak electromagnetic frequencies. 

Is The Dragon Tree 'Magenta'  The Right Plant For Me?

If you are thinking about starting your first plant collection, the Dragon Tree Magenta is ideal! It’s very easy to care for and forgiving if you neglect it for a little while. 

Is it toxic? Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children 

How tall does it grow? 

The Dragon Tree Magenta is a slow grower and it can take around 10 years to reach maturity. It can grow up to 5ft tall. 

Useful to know:


I can be found in Madagascar and Mauritius.


I can grow up to 6ft high.


Keep me in a bright room, but don't let me get too much direct sunlight as this will not be good for my leaves.


Water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not wet.


I grow best in a temperature range of 15-22°C.


Feed every few weeks during spring and summer and once per month in autumn and winter.


As part of the normal plant cycle, my older leaves will turn yellow and drop off. Trim these back to help me along.


I'm sensitive to the salts found it tap water, so use distilled or rain water if possible.


I'll probably make you sick if you eat me.


Repot into a bigger pot when root bound every 2-3 years. 


*Decorative pots sold separately.

A lovely plant that will look great in any corner of your home. Perfect if you don’t have a lot of space! Buy yours now!