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Zebra Plant | Aphelandra squarrosa dania
The Zebra plant in a round dark grey plant pot
The Zebra plant in a white plant pot
The Zebra plant in a black and beige rope basket
Close up of the patterned zebra plants' leaves
The Zebra plant in a blue plant pot
The Zebra plant in a white plant pot
Close up of the Zebra Plants' patterned leaves shot from above
The Zebra Plant in a white and beige plant pot
The zebra plant in a black plant pot
Close up of the Zebra plant's patterned leaves
The Zebra plant in a white plant pot
The Zebra plant in a white plant pot

Zebra Plant

Aphelandra squarrosa dania

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We think tropical plants are incredible! They are mega super when it comes to humidifying the atmosphere and filter toxins in the air. 

The Zebra plant is native from the south of  Brazil and received this name because of its unique dark green leaves with white stripy veins. 

During the growing season, it blossoms beautiful yellow spikes from its golden bract that can reach 4 inches in length.

Pick a size

Small: Growing pot size is 13cm. 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 10-20 cm

Large: Growing pot size is 17cm. 

Overall plant height including growing pot: 15-25 cm

Key Benefits — Purifying and Humidifying 

Plants are known for improving air quality. They absorb impurities and carbon dioxide from the air and create the oxygen that we breathe. 

Indoor plants also accelerate the transpiration process cleaning the air. NASA studies revealed that indoor plants reduce impurities and bacteria by 50 to 60% with tropical plants being some of the most effective. 

Plant Care Tips: Zebra Plant

  • The Zebra plant is not difficult to care for, but for more inexperienced gardeners, it can be a challenging - but valuable - project. 
  • These Aphealandras are originally from Brazil and are used to warmer climates. The ideal temperature is between 15ºC and 23ºC, in the colder months, it’s a good idea to keep them indoors. 
  • Being from tropical areas, it does enjoy humidity.  If you don’t have a home humidifier, place it with other green friends to increase moisture. 
  • The Aphelandra s prefers bright light but, avoid direct sunlight in the summer. 
  • Keep the soil moist and don’t let it dry in between watering but make sure it is not wet. 
  • It will survive well in most multi-purpose peat-based soil. 
  • If you notice that the flowers have begun to die, remove them. After blooming, cut back your plant to allow new growth to come through!
  • During the growth season, feed it twice a month with a fertiliser that is suitable for foliage and flowers. 

The Zebra Plant Story

Where is it from?

The Zebra Plant is Native to southern Brazil. 

Who is the Zebra Plant?

  • They are perennial plants and can live long lives if looked after correctly. 
  • It climatises well in the UK’s lower temperatures. Its growth slows down in the winter and it will require less attention while it ‘hibernates’ in preparation for the summer. 

Good For You!

  • Restore: Leaves with patterns help improve our cognitive behaviours and keep us focused. 
  • Vitality: Vibrant green plants bring feelings of health and vitality. . 

Is The Zebra Plant The Right Plant For Me?

Zebra plants are particular about their environment, so they will require re-creation of their natural tropical surroundings. 

If not treated correctly, they will drop their leaves.

We recommend extra attention in the first weeks and a quick response to any signs of stress. This will help you get used to how the plant behaves and how to best look after it.  

Pets: They are not toxic to humans or pets but their sap can be irritating for those with sensitive skin. Use gloves when touching it. 

How tall does it grow? 

In its natural habitat, it can grow up to 7 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet wide. As an indoor plant, with the correct care, it’s unlikely to grow as big. 

An unusual looking plant that will add style to any home! Get yours now!