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Indoor Plants

In our opinion, no indoor space is complete without a few (dozen) plants. Indoor house plants instantly bring a room to life, transforming any interior into your own tranquil urban jungle. Not only do indoor plants add a vibrant pop of greenery to any room, they also offer plenty of amazing wellness-boosting benefits. Indoor plants are known to help purify the air, reduce your anxiety levels, lift your mood and more. Plus, indoor gardening is the perfect stress-busting hobby. Whatever your indoor space is like, here at Bloombox Club we have the perfect plants to add to (or start) your house plant family. 


Our Service

Bloombox Club’s indoor plant delivery service is unique. Our diverse range of rare and quirky indoor plants are shipped directly from our expert growers in the Netherlands. Each plant is individually wrapped in secure, environmentally conscious packaging to arrive at your door in a pristine condition. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for the most rare and unique indoor plants, offering you access to botanical beauties that aren’t readily available elsewhere in the UK.

Choosing the Perfect Indoor Plant for You


From huge tropical elephant ear plants and show-stopping monsteras in lavishly large indoor plant pots to small and delicate peperomias or pileas, we have indoor plants to suit every room size, temperature and light level. If you’re pushed for space, have already covered every available surface, or are keen to learn how to hang plants indoors, start on the ceiling with our collection of trailing indoor hanging plants. Not sure which plants will thrive in different parts of your home? Check our room-by-room selections, with steam-loving bathroom plants like ferns, or robust low-light hallway plants like bamboo.


Searching for indoor plants that aren’t going to offend your furry pal? Lots of people don’t realise that many house plants are actually toxic to pets. Check out our Pet Friendly Plants selection to find non-toxic plants that won’t harm your cat or dog if they can’t resist a nibble.


Pets aside, maybe you’re not sure if you’ve got the time to care for your indoor plant pals. It’s important to remember some plants require more TLC than others. We want to provide you with indoor plants to suit your schedule, experience and downtime. Remember, the point of filling your home with foliage is to destress, not get bogged down in an intensive misting regime if you don’t have the time! Check out the ‘Is this the right plant for me?’ section in each of our informative plant profiles to see what level of care you will need to provide. We’ve got everything from easy going and low maintenance succulents to diva-ish calathea queens. Plant pals for everyone!

Plant Care Top Tips

Got a sulking snake plant or a fussy fern? Sometimes it’s hard to know how often to water indoor plants, why their leaves are dropping or how to get rid of bugs on indoor plants. Fear not! The team at Bloombox Club have been caring for their own plant families for many years and are always keen to share parenting tips! If you’re a first time plant parent or just need some extra support, check out our Green Room Blog or our A-Z Plantcare Hub which are full of handy plant care tips. You’ll be an expert indoor gardener in no time!

The Wellbeing Benefits of Indoor Plants

Emotional Wellbeing Benefits

As well as teaching you how to care for your indoor plants, we want you to know how your indoor plants care for you. Bringing plants into the home is accompanied by all kinds of wonderful wellbeing benefits. Studies have shown that the presence of plants in your home or work space can lift your mood, improve your focus and increase productivity and creativity. Plants have even been proven to lower blood pressure, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. What’s more, the repetitive, mindful rituals of indoor gardening have powerful therapeutic benefits.

Physical Wellbeing Benefits

And it's not just emotional benefits you can expect from your indoor plant collection. Research by NASA has shown that plants have powerful detoxifying properties, purifying the air of harmful toxins and increasing oxygen levels. This can relieve headaches, boost immunity and improve your sleep quality. Indoor plants, especially tropical ones that love misting, release water vapour and increase humidity levels in the air, which can help improve skin and respiratory health. Indoor plants are also great cleaning aids, trapping dust that would otherwise remain airborne. This cleanses the air and can help relieve allergy symptoms. Check out our Breathe, Restore and Boost selections for the most effective psychological and physical wellness-boosting plants.

Become a Plant Person

Indoor plants are guaranteed to bring joy and serenity into any space, allowing you to connect with nature from the comfort of your sofa. Delivering a myriad of functional and aesthetic benefits, we believe no home is complete without its own collection of leafy companions. With their healing powers and calming care rituals, they promise to nurture you as you nurture them. Symbiosis at its finest! Here at Bloombox Club, we’ve got everything you need to complete your own little slice of indoor Eden, so you can sit back and watch it flourish.

Indoor Plants FAQ

Which indoor plants are easy to care for?

If you’re new to the indoor plant game or have a busy schedule without much time for plant care, find some low-maintenance plant pals who will be happy to be a bit neglected and continue to thrive. Some of our favourite easy-care plants are…

  • Devil’s Ivy: fast-growing, adaptable and almost unkillable!
  • Snake Plant: sculptural and robust, happy to tolerate dry air and low light.
  • Dragon Tree: drought-tolerant and slow-growing, only repot every 2 years!
  • ZZ Plant: glossy, green and easy-going, prefers minimal watering

Just check out our Easy Care Plants collection for even more choices of brilliant and resilient greenery.

Should I be misting my indoor plants? for?

To mist or not to mist? Fear not - finding out whether your indoor plant would benefit from a little extra moisture is not all that mist-ical! Many indoor plants are native to tropical and subtropical countries with very humid climates. These include species like birds of paradise, philodendrons, ferns, pothos plants and calatheas. If you have one of these tropical beauties, mist the leaves once or twice a week and watch them flourish! Desert plants that are used to very dry climates like cacti or succulents do not need to be misted.

How will I know if my indoor plant is unhappy? for?

If your indoor plant is unhappy, it will let you know! When plants are not getting enough water, light or humidity (or too much), or are hankering for a new home, they will display visual signals that they are struggling. Signs to look out for are…

  • Dropping or yellowing leaves, or leaves that are discoloured or going brown and curled at the edges
  • Droopiness or wilting
  • Weak or stunted growth - your plant may appear spindly with few new leaves or shoots.
  • Stems or roots feeling mushy or looking mouldy

If your plant is showing any of these signs, it may feel overwhelming to try and work out what the problem is. Luckily, our Green Room Blog and Plant Care Hub are full of advice to diagnose why your indoor plant might be struggling and tips to nurse it back to health. Usually, it will just need more or less water or light, a quick soil change or a new pot!