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Elephant Ear Stingray | Alocasia 'stingray'
Elephant Ear Stingray | Alocasia 'stingray'

Elephant Ear Stingray

Alocasia 'stingray'

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The Elephant Ear Stingray Story

The stunning Elephant Ear Stingray was given its name due to its large leaves and unusual form that is similar to stingray. 

I have mid-dark green large leaves that are wide and finish with a whiptail, much like the stingrays you'll find in the sea.

Where is it from?

A native of the tropical rainforests of Asia.

Good For You!

  • Vitality: Vibrant greens are associated with health and vitality. From a psychological perspective, it’s a positive colour that balances our emotions.  
  • Purifying: Through photosynthesis, plants can also help remove levels of carbon dioxide in the air and filter toxins..

Plant Care Tips: The Elephant Ear Stingray

  • The Alocasia Stingray prefers areas with bright but not direct sunlight. 
  • In the summer you may need to water it twice a week. Check that the top 2 inches of the soil is dry before watering.  Make sure you don’t overwater it to avoid root rot. 
  • Elephant Ears like warmer environments, ideally between 18 °C and 26 °C. The plant will struggle in temperatures below 12 °C
  • A mixture of slightly acidic soil with good draining soil is beneficial. 
  • As with other tropical plants, this Alocasia enjoys high humidity areas. If you don’t have a humidifier, you can place the plant pot on a tray with water and small stones. Misting it often also helps. 
  • Fertilise it once every 3 weeks with a nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser. 
  • If you notice that leaves are turning brown, remove them. 
  • Remove any dust from the leaves with a clean cloth. Any damaged foliage will need to be pruned.

    Is The Elephant Ear Stingray The Right Plant For Me?

    It may not be the number one choice for beginners due to its temperature and humidity requirements, but if you carefully follow the care instructions, it’s relatively easy to care for. 

    Is it toxic? 

    Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children. 

    Your new Elephant Ear Stingray

    Growing pot size:  12cm 

    Overall plant height including growing pot: 30 - 40cm 

    How tall does it grow? 

    The Elephant Ear Stingray can grow as tall as 6 feet high. 

    In the wild, the leaves make a great hiding spot as they can grow up to 1metre wide! 


    Useful to know:


    I am from the tropical rainforests of Asia.


    If you look after me super well I could grow as tall as 1.8m.


    I like dappled or indirect light.


    I like my soil to be lightly moist, but when I'm small I'm vulnerable to root rot so do not overdo it.


    I like it warm and humid so keep me in an enclosed space.


    Please feed me diluted fertiliser once a month during the growing season.


    My leaves can get quite big and would like the occasional dusting. Prune away any damaged leaves.


    I take a while to adjust to new environments so may well droop and lose a leaf before I finally settle in.


    I am toxic so please don't eat me.


    In the wild, my leaves can grow up to 1m wide so I'm often used as a hideout during showers. 


    *Decorative pots sold separately.

    A rare beauty that will be a great conversation starter with your guests! Get your Elephant Ear Stingray now! 

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