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Anthurium Jungle Bush | Anthurium Elipticum Jungle Bush

Anthurium Jungle Bush

Anthurium Elipticum Jungle Bush

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The Anthurium Jungle Bush is a beautiful hardy tropical houseplant with deeply innervated large glossy leaves. The foliage can grow in a variety of forms, rounded, oval and sometimes with pointy ends. 

They don’t require a lot of maintenance as long as you give them enough hydration, a great option for beginners or someone with a busy lifestyle.

Growing pot size: 21 cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 35 - 45 cm

Key Benefits — Purifying and Dust-Trapping

The Jungle Bush absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and transforms it into the clean oxygen that you breathe.

Large foliage plants like this are also great at trapping dust, keeping it away from your lungs and furniture surfaces! 

Plant Care Tips: Anthurium Jungle Bush

  • Keep your plant in a bright warm spot away from sunlight and radiators. 
  • Let the top inch of the soil dry between waterings. During the colder months, it's best to leave the soil almost completely dry before watering. 
  • Mist it occasionally to give it some extra humidity. 
  • Fertilise it once a month during the growing season. 

The Anthurium Jungle Bush Story

The Anthurium Jungle Bush is sometimes called Flamingo Plant

Where is it from?

South American rainforests and the Caribbean 

Who is the Anthurium Jungle Bush?

Anthuriums are epiphytes, in their native habitat they grow on other plants and trees.

Good For You!

  • Feel good: Houseplants have been proven to reduce stress and keep your blood pressure stable. Looking after plants also helps detract anxious thoughts! 
  • Better memory: Studies have shown that living and working in environments surrounded by plants can increase memory! 

Is The Anthurium Jungle Bush The Right Plant For Me?

Anthuriums can be a little demanding regarding water and humidity but once you are accustomed to its rhythm, they are easy to maintain. 

A great way of taking that extra little step with your plant care apprenticeship! 

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

How tall does it grow? It reaches 30 to 45cm when mature. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 

Bring the jungle indoors with the gorgeous Anthurium Jungle Bush!

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