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Devil's Ivy plant close up showing light and darker green leaves.
Devil's Ivy plant in a seagrass basket with handles
Close up of devil's Ivy plant in seagrass basket with handles
Devil's Ivy plant in a green pot.
Devil's Ivy plant close up showing light and darker green leaves.
Devil's Ivy plant in a white pot.
Close up of devil's Ivy plant showing dark and light green leaves.
Devil's Ivy plant in a white and beige pot.
Devil's Ivy plant in white ceramic pot with feet.

Devil's Ivy N'Joy

Epipremnum aureum 'N-Joy'

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The Devil's Ivy N'Joy is a variegated version of the trailing Devil's Ivy (or Pothos), with thinner leaves for a more subtle look. The brighter the (indirect) light it gets, the more white patches it will take on! 

As these are pretty fast growers, you'll have flowing tendrils in no time! 

Growing pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 12-15cm

Key Benefit — Purifying 

NASA has identified Devil’s Ivys to be some of the best plants to purify the air. They remove impurities from the air without affecting their beautiful appearance. 

Plant Care Tips: Devil's Ivy N'Joy

  • The Devil’s Ivy N’Joy is not too fussed about its lighting conditions; it can tolerate even low light. However, to prevent loss of its variegation we think that a spot with bright indirect sunlight is ideal! 
  • Make sure the plant is being watered often and the soil is always moist but be careful to not waterlog it! 
  • It tolerates a range of temperatures, preferably not below 10ºC 
  • This tough plant will also survive well if the air in your home is a little dry but it’s still a tropical plant and it will do better in higher humidity levels. 
  • You don’t need to worry too much about feeding it. Once every 2 months during the growing season is enough. Use a well-balanced fertiliser 
  • If you notice that the roots don’t have enough room to expand, it’s time to re-pot it.

The Devil's Ivy N'Joy Story

Where is it from?

Devil Ivy’s are native to Australia and Southeast Asia. Some cultivars come from the US. 

Who is the Devil's Ivy N'Joy?

It’s a natural climber and can be trained up a pole. 

Good For You!

  • Relax: being around plants reduce cortisol levels and help reduce the probability of mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. 

Is the Devil's Ivy N'Joy The Right Plant For Me?

A very forgiving plant, great for new plant parents. As long as it's given the minimal care that it needs, this is for sure the plant for you! 

Is it toxic?: Nobody is perfect! The Devil’s Ivy N’ Joy is toxic so, keep away from pets and children  

How tall does it grow? It can grow up to 3 metres high

* Decorative pots sold separately 

A great easy going plant for everyone! Get yours today! 

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