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Dried Flower Bouquet
Dried Flower Bouquet
Dried Flower Bouquet
A bouquet of natural coloured dried flowers
A bouquet of natural and pink coloured flowers
A bouquet of natural and pink coloured flowers
A bouquet of natural and yellow dried flowers
A bouquet of natural and yellow dried flowers
A bouquet of dried flowers in a large glass vase

Dried Flower Bouquet

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Dried flowers are trending! They last a long time with no maintenance and are very flexible! You can change the arrangement as often as you like! They are also great as gifts! 

Our bouquets are a selection of the best field flowers. They not only are gorgeous but will also add a touch of a country garden to your home. Place them in a jar, tall glass or vase et voilà!

The flowers

*Your dried flowers bouquet will generally include these flowers but, they may vary depending on the season

  • Pampas grass 
  • Nigella flowers
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Linum

Choose from 3 options

  • Natural
  • Yellow
  • Pink 

Overall bouquet height: 40 cm

Key Benefits — Long lasting and no water required!  

Dried flowers will last much longer than natural bouquets. They are a sustainable alternative and much more beautiful than plastic flowers!  

And for those born with an incurable brown thumb, dried flowers are the way to go, there’s no watering required! 

Dried Flowers Care Tips

Sure, they don’t require the attention that natural flower arrangements and houseplants need, but they can flake off and be crushed easily so keep that in mind when you choose a spot in your home.

Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture, and they will last even longer! 

We’d also recommend keeping them away from curious pets and children, just in case… 

The Dried Flowers Story

Humans have been preserving flowers by drying them for ages!

  • Egyptians used them to make flowers and place them in tombs.
  • In the Middle Ages, they were used as medicine.
  • In Japan they are used as an art form; Oshibana

But, it was the Victorians who dried flowers to enhance their appearance, that brought dried flowers to modernity. 

These lovely field dried flowers arrangements will add a romantic retro feel to your home or will be an excellent gift. Get yours today!