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Dumb Cane 'Reflector' | Dieffenbachia 'Reflector'
Dumb Cane 'Reflector' | Dieffenbachia 'Reflector'

Dumb Cane 'Reflector'

Dieffenbachia 'Reflector'

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This variety of Dumb Cane is notable for its bright - almost luminous - leaf pattern: the smooth dark green is dappled with bright green splotches that look like they're glowing, hence the moniker 'Reflector'.

The leaves themselves are expansive and have a velvety texture that is pleasantly tactile - as well as being great at trapping dust and absorbing airborne chemicals.  

You'll notice the Dumb Cane's thick, sturdy stems, reminiscent of bamboo. With luck they will carry on supporting your Dieffenbachia till over 1m in height.

In case the fluorescent pattern didn't put you off, don't ingest this one  - it's called 'Dumb Cane' because it can cause temporary speechlessness when eaten!

Pets: toxic. 

Growing pot size: 17cm diameter, excludes ceramic pot.

Looking for pots?

I fit best in 17cm pots.

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