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String of Hearts | Ceropegia Woodii
The Hanging Hearts plant in a Kokodama bowl
The Hanging Hearts plant in a hanging Kokodama bowl
String of Hearts | Ceropegia Woodii
The Hanging Hearts plant in a Kokodama bowl
String of Hearts | Ceropegia Woodii

String of Hearts

Ceropegia Woodii

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The String of Hearts has graceful and firm heart-shaped leaves that hang off delicate stems. It's tougher than it looks, and it’s actually a succulent vine, don't overwater, and it will last you a lifetime! Great for hanging from a hook or sitting on a shelf.

Your String of Hearts will be sent in a Kokodama, a biodegradable handmade coconut fibre bowl. No decorative pot is needed. It also includes a hanging rope. 

Kokodama Size: 12cm

Overal Plant Height Including Kokodama: 15 -25cm

What is Kokodama?

Kokodama is a fair trade, natural and biodegradable alternative to displaying the most beautiful plants!

They are bowls made in Sri Lanka using coconut fibre. Part of the profits of the sales help projects to educate local children.

Each kokodama bowl has a matching rope to give you the option of hanging them! You will have your own indoor jungle in no time!

But what is the correct spelling?

Kokedama: A Japanese tradition, they are bowls made with moss on which the plant grows.

Kokodama: Our Kokodamas are based on the Japanese tradition but made with coconut fibre, hence the slight variation on their name!

Key Benefits — Focus and Tranquility 

Trailing plants like the String of Hearts are a great way of making us feel surrounded by nature. Its colours and patterns can help alleviate our body’s response to stress giving us a sense of safety and tranquillity. In combination with the photosynthetic abilities of plants which help clean the air and our minds, houseplants can help us focus and improve our productivity with difficult tasks. 

Plant Care Tips: String of Hearts 

  • The String of Hearts loves bright light! It will also thrive with some direct sunlight, as long as it’s not throughout the day. 
  • Because it’s a succulent, it likes a bit of dryness so, let the soil dry out completely before re-watering. This plant will survive better when underwatered rather than overwatered. Average household humidity is perfect.
  • The ideal temperatures are between 18 and 24º, avoid anything under 16ºC.
  • During the growing season, feed it with a half-strength fertiliser. 
  • If you notice that the roots are growing too large for its pot, it’s time to replace it with a larger one. Best done in the spring using a succulent cactus well-draining soil mix. 

The String of Hearts  Story

Also called Hanging Hearts, Rosary Vine or Chain of Hearts.

Where is it from?

This plant is naturally found in South Africa. 

Who is the Hanging Hearts?

The Ceropegia Woodii is one of those plants that go dormant in the colder seasons. It will grow slower or stop completely. This is completely normal, so there’s no need to worry. What you do need to do is reduce the amount of water, still allowing the soil to completely dry in between. Normal growth will resume when Spring arrives. 

Although more rarely with houseplants, the Hanging Hearts can produce little rose-coloured flowers during Spring and Summer. 

Good For You!

  • Feel good: Research has shown that patients in hospital wards with plants recover and are released quicker than those in areas with no plants. 
  • Improved interiors: Houseplants can help soften harsh architecture and decor. They are also features that can be easily changed by swapping pots and relocating them to different areas of the room. 

Is The String of Hearts The Right Plant For Me?

The String of Hearts looks delicate, but it's a tough plant! It is not very demanding regarding watering and can survive in different lighting conditions. 

A beautiful trailing plant, great for gardeners of all levels! 

Pets: Perfectly safe for all

How tall does it grow?  It can trail to a size of 5 feet. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 


Delicate only in looks! Beautiful and tough, get your Hanging Hearts today!


Useful to know:


Southwest Africa.


I don't get that tall because my tendrils trail downwards, but they can grow as long as two metres and pretty quickly too!


I like bright light but not too much direct light as this will cause discolouration on my leaves.


I can tolerate drought, but keep me fairly moist for best results. I need less water in the winter.


Protect me from draughts and keep me warm.


Give me some weak, all-purpose fertiliser during the warmer months.


If I'm getting too long or a bit straggly, take sharp shears and give me a trim.


When I arrive, gently unfurl my coils and tease my vines away from the pot, so as not to damage them too much.


I am thought to be pet-safe but this has not been proven, so your call! 


The reason I trail so well is because I adapted to live on African mountainsides.