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Hydroponic Bird Of Paradise on a round glass vase
Hydroponic Bird Of Paradise leaves detail
Hydroponic Bird Of Paradise detail of glass, stems and roots
Hydroponic Bird Of Paradise roots detail

Hydroponic Bird Of Paradise

Strelizia Nicolai

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The Hydroponic Bird of Paradise is part of the Musaceae family and it features beautiful large green leaves. 

They are evergreen perennials, with long stalks and oblong leaves that will add a tropical touch to your home! 

Overall plant height including glass: 35 cm

Key Benefits — Purifying and mess-free! 

Birds of Paradise are great at breaking down harmful substances, clearing the air and reducing the risk of respiratory problems. 

If you don’t have a lot of space to garden, hydroponics are ideal! No soil, no mess! 

What are Hydroponic plants? 

  • Hydroponic plants are grown in water instead of soil.
  • They gather the necessary nutrients from the water they are placed in.

How to set it up

  • You will receive your Hydroponic Monkey Bird of Paradise and a glass container. 
  • Pop the plant in the glass. Add enough water to cover its roots only
  • The top part of the roots should be free of water so they can breathe.

How to care for the Hydroponic Bird of Paradise

  • Make sure the roots are always immersed in water, as it evaporates, top it up. 
  • When the water starts looking a little cloudy, it’s time to replace it. Rinse the roots first. 
  • Use collected rainwater or bottled distilled water for the nutrients your plant needs! 
  • Occasionally, add a few drops of liquid fertiliser to the water. Then, replace the water on the following day to avoid prolonged contact with the extra nutrients (this can cause root rot)
  • Keep the glass always clean and clear to keep the plant growing healthily
  • It will appreciate bright light but not direct sunlight! 

The Bird of Paradise Story

Birds of Paradise are flowering plants but this will very rarely happen as a houseplant. 

Where is it from?

Originally from South Africa. 

Who is the Hydroponic Bird of Paradise?

Also known as Bird of Paradise Flower, Bird of Paradise Plant, Bird’s Head Flower due to the shape of its flowers. 

Good For You!

  • Re-balancing: Plants help to balance electromagnetic frequencies that surround us.
  • Colour: Its bright greens trigger an evolutionary response that improves vitality and makes you feel healthier! 

Is The Hydroponic Bird of Paradise The Right Plant For Me?

A great option for new and experienced gardeners alike. Hydroponic plants are easygoing and add an unusual touch to your home decor! 

Pets: Toxic if eaten, keep away from nibbly pets.

A space-defining plant that will add a special tropical touch to your home, get your Hydroponic Bird of Paradise today!