Paolina Cactus | Cereus peruvianus 'Paolina'
Paolina Cactus | Cereus peruvianus 'Paolina'

Paolina Cactus

Cereus peruvianus 'Paolina'

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The Paolina Cactus is a mutation of the Cereus peruvianus 'Florida', the original Night Flowering Cactus. It was first discovered in a greenhouse in Italy in 2009 by a cactus grower who noticed a difference in the branch and stem structure. He decided to reproduce them from stem cuttings and voila! - a new variety was born and named Paolina.

It loves sunshine and hates overwatering. In fact, it likes a complete break from watering for several weeks during winter when it likes a proper rest.

Growing pot size: 12cm diameter, 9cm height.

Plant size: Approximate height including pot 20-23cm.

Excludes decorative pot.

Looking for pots?

I fit best in 12cm pots.

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