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Lily 'Stargazer' Pink & Lichen Pot
Lily 'Stargazer' Pink & Lichen Pot

Lily 'Stargazer' Pink & Lichen Pot

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Known for their large flowers and memorable scent, Lilies are the most popular hybrids of the Oriental group. Oriental Lilies bloom in mid to late summer. 

The Pink Stargazer has almost red, dark pink flowers with white edges and rose or brown coloured spots. This type accepts some shade.

The Lichen Pot is an elegant and versatile ceramic pot that will brighten up a living room, bedroom or office. It has pale green, white and copper-brown tones and a glazed, textured surface. These markings are the result of a chemical reaction between paint and acid, an unpredictable process that shows up a little differently on each pot.

Combo includes: Pink Lily (19cm) & Lichen Pot Large

Decorative pot size: 19 cm

Overall plant height including decorative pot: 40-45 cm

Pets: Highly toxic to cats but not to other pets and humans. 

How tall does it grow? Outdoors, when mature, 'Stargazers' can grow up to 36 inches tall and 14 inches wide with 2 to 8 flowers per stem. They are a little more compact indoors but equally beautiful! 

A lovely plant + pot combo to add charm and uniqueness to your indoor oasis! Get yours today!