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An Ochre coloured glazed plant pot
Venti Ochre pot with Peperomia plant
Panda Plant in Venti Ochre pot
Venti Ochre plant pot
Sansevieria in Ocre plant pot
Ochre plant pot with plant
Venti Ochre plant pot detail

Venti Ochre Pot

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A plant pot full of charm and style! Venti Ochre is a curved ceramic glazed pot that will add a dash of colour and texture to your indoor oasis! 

*Please note that the colour shade of the pot you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured on our website.
The subtle variegation and dappled effect are achieved through a firing process. Each pot reacts slightly differently, so you will have a truly unique item in your home!

Fits 15-17 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 15.5cm

Internal depth: 15.5cm

Key Benefits — Colour and Style

Made of quality ceramic, this glossy Ochre pot will add extra style to your indoor garden. 

Plants in ceramic pots are less likely to develop root rot. This happens if the plant is overwatered. Ceramic plant pots are a great choice if you tend to overwater or forget to water your plants!


Wipe it with a clean dry cloth