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Sand | Saucer Pot
Sand | Saucer Pot
Sand | Saucer Pot
Sand | Saucer Pot


Saucer Pot

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Our Sand pots have subtle sloping sides and a decorative lip at the bottom. They are dipped in a creamy tertiary colour, edged in brown and subtly textured before being glazed. 

Sand comes in two sizes, both of which are pleasantly weighty, which means they can support tall plants without losing stability. 


Small opening diameter, 9cm; height, 9cm 

Large opening diameter, 12cm; height, 13cm 

Please remember to check the height of the plant growing pot when choosing a decorative pot. These ones slop inwards slightly so the diameter at the bottom will be slightly smaller: approximately 7cm in Small and 8cm in Large. 

Need help working out the best pot size? Read our Pot Size Guide.