About Us

At Bloombox Club, we are obsessed with greening up our surrounds, not only for aesthetic reasons but because we truly believe that plant care enhances our sense of wellbeing. Its positive impact on us as individuals ranges from decreasing stress hormones to boosting our immune system to just simply making us happier.

We believe that there is a new generation of plant enthusiasts emerging who want to get green but don’t necessarily have the time or knowledge. That’s where we come in, we make plants accessible for anyone and everyone. We deliver the best and most interesting plants available, with plant care information, directly to your door. And it doesn’t stop there - our Plant Care Hub contains a wealth of information about how to care for your plants, and our blog offers a variety of articles about mental wellbeing, tips and tricks of plant care and the latest trends in plants. We want to inspire you to be adventurous with your plants and Breathe, De-stress & Grow!