About Us


We are obsessed with greening up the urban concrete jungle and surrounds; not only for aesthetic reasons but because we truly believe that gardening enhances our sense of wellbeing. Its positive impact on the environment around us, especially wildlife, goes wi We believe that there is a new generation of gardeners emerging who want to get green but who don’t necessarily have the time or knowledge. That’s where we come in, we make gardening and plants accessible for anyone and everyone. We conveniently deliver you the best and most interesting plants available, with the most up to date and accessible plant care information. With our Plant Hub we will inspire you to be adventurous with your plants, indoors and out, and to Learn while you Grow!!

To help us in our planting mission, we have our very own in-house horticultural expert and Brand Ambassador Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek.

Michael was recently voted by the Sunday Times as one of the UK’s top 20 most influential horticulturalists. Not only has Michael had over 18 years of experience in the industry but he also developed famous novelty plants such as the “Tom Tato” and “Egg and Chips”!