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About Us

Bloombox Club was founded in 2015 by Dr Katie Cooper, previously a practising therapist and psychology lecturer. Katie had the idea of developing a plant business with an explicit wellbeing focus, having realised how beneficial plant care can be on our mental health. 

From humble beginnings at plant fairs and pop-ups under railway arches, Bloombox Club now delivers thousands of plants across the UK, every month.

And it’s not just about the science, we’re assiduous about the way our plants look too. We select plants based on their rarity and quirkiness, as well as prettiness. Thanks to support from Royal Flora Holland, we have developed a strong network of Dutch growers, experts and plant influencers. This allows us to stay at the forefront of plant trends and acquire plants that are not readily available elsewhere in the UK.

We don’t think you need a horticultural degree or mystical green fingers to look after plants; just some basic principles. You can find plant-specific, quick-fire guides in our Plant Care A-Z and more substantial information in The Green Room.

The Green Room is our online bank of videos, articles and blogs, with helpful information on wellbeing, plants and plant-care. It’s our way of building a community around plant-care, and spreading the value of plants far and wide.