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Easter Gifts

Easter is a time for celebrating the arrival of new life at the end of a long winter. Lift someone’s spirits with the delivery of an Easter plant so they can observe and enjoy the emerging buds and blossoms of spring! Here is our selection of plants that make perfect Easter gifts.

Easter Gifts

Dendrobium 'Thailand Black' | Dendrobium sa-nookPurple and white flowers on Dendrobium 'Thailand Black'
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Dendrobium 'Thailand Black'

White Dendrobium Orchid 'Apollon' in Nano potWhite flowers of Dendrobium Orchid 'Apollon'
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Dendrobium Orchid 'Apollon'

Calamondin Orange Tree with basketCalamondin Orange Tree fruits
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Lemon Tree | Citrus LimonLemon Tree | Citrus Limon
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Lemon Tree

£59.95 £64.99
Lime Tree | Citrus LimettaLime Tree | Citrus Limetta
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Lime Tree

Small banana tree in square pot BreezeSquare white pot ideal for small plants
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Banana Plant & Breeze Pot

BBX Garden ScissorsBlack handled Garden Scissors
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Garden Scissors

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Fishbone Cactus & Jane Pot OrangeClose up of Fishbone Cactus foliage
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Gardenia with white flowers and black tubWhite Gardenia flower
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Kumquat Tree | Citrus JaponicaClose-up of the Kumquat tree
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Kumquat Tree

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Polka Dot Begonia & Jane Pot OrangePolka Dot Begonia & Jane Pot Orange
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Can you send plants as Easter gifts?

It is easy to send plants as Easter gifts. After choosing your Easter plant on our website simply put in the address of the person you are gifting the plant to. We will then make sure it arrives safely at their doorstep in no more than 5 days.

What plant do you give for Easter?

An Easter palm makes a beautifully symbolic gift to celebrate new life at this time of year, while plants that are about to burst into blossoms such as Gardenia Jasminoides or Pink Bellflower 'Adansa’ promise to share the excitement and joy of spring.

How can you send plants as Easter gifts?

BBX has a vast range of plants for you to peruse until you find the perfect Easter plant gift for your loved one. Once you have chosen your plant you can choose to have it delivered by our team straight to your friend or family member within 5 working days.

How can we help deliver your plants safely?

From nurturing our plants in the greenhouse to when we deliver them to your front door, we are dedicated to treating our plants with care. Our couriers will deliver your Easter plant directly to your door. If you are out will leave your delivery in a safe place so that your plant is not taken back to a delivery office and left without water and light.