How it Works

At Bloombox Club, our mission is to help people re-discover the joys and wellbeing benefits of bringing plants into their homes, one simple delivery at a time.

The indoor subscription - build a mini jungle bit-by-bit

With our indoor plant subscription you’ll get one curated, statement plant and printed care card, carefully packaged and delivered to your door (delivery is included in the price). You choose how often you’d like to receive a plant (monthly or quarterly) and whether you’d like a ceramic pot or not. You can also choose to pay-as-you-go or pay annually (discount to be had!). There is no minimum term, so you decide how many you can fit into your home (from experience, it’s a lot more than you think!).

The plants are always a surprise and we work very hard to source plants not easily available in garden centres and supermarkets, ensuring you’ll get something different from us each time. We send out plants in minimum 12cm growing pots, but that doesn’t always mean a set height - plants grow at different speeds and they mature in different ways, so a smaller Sansevieria will be of equal value to a larger, leafy Calathea for example. We will always ensure the value of the plant correlates with the price you pay. Please note that we can’t guarantee pet-friendliness of subscription plants, but we do stock pet-safe plants in our single plant shop.   

If you’ve opted for the ‘with pot’ subscription, we will choose a pot for your plant, based on best design and size. Our pots are always ceramic and fit our Bloombox Club aesthetic - we choose neutral colours and contemporary textures. You can browse through images across our site to give you an idea of the style. If you choose to subscribe without a pot, you will receive your plant in its growing pot.

New and exciting plants we source will be sent as subscriptions first and may appear at a later date in the shop. We don’t send plants available in our shop as subscription plants, ensuring subscribers won’t receive a plant they’ve previously bought from us in the shop. Oh, and as an extra thank you, all subscribers get 10% off in the single plant shop for as long as they stay with us!

The single plant shop - build a mini-jungle quickly!

Our single plant shop contains a constantly changing range of plants in varying sizes, available to buy with or without ceramic pots. As with the indoor subscription, if you choose to buy ‘with pot’ we will choose the best one for you. They are always ceramic and contemporary, with neutral colours and textures. The pot shown in the photograph of your chosen plant is not necessarily the one you will receive, but is a good indication of the style of pot we will send.

Sometimes our plants don’t have a ‘with pot’ option listed. This is because we’ve not been able to source a pot of the right size and look, so instead of opting for something we’re not happy with, we leave it without. Plants bought without pots will arrive in their growing pots.


Plants are perishable and delicate. Add to that all the different shapes and sizes they come in and you’ve got a packaging conundrum. It’s a fine line between over-packing and under-packing, resulting in broken plants and pots. However hard we try, couriers and their vans are not always as gentle as we’d like them to be and some soil may escape the pot - it’s a good idea to not open your plant on your best rug!  

We’re constantly working to improve our packaging and its eco credentials. Currently, our packaging is fully recyclable, but we’re working on reducing and eventually eliminating plastic altogether in the coming months.  

Delivery - the nitty gritty of how and when your plant gets to you

Subscription plants

The indoor delivery cut-off day is Sunday at 9pm for delivery the following Thursday. Subscription plants are always delivered on a Thursday via DPD. Before your delivery arrives, you will be texted via DPD  to be given an hours delivery slot. Please follow the instructions given by them to change the delivery time or to leave any specific delivery instructions for them.

Single plants are delivered nationwide by Royal Mail or courier Monday - Saturday. Our turnaround is usually within 5 working days of ordering, but we will keep you informed throughout the process via email. Delivery is free for orders over £50 and £5 for orders under that.