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Nurture with Nature

Discover the benefits of living a life closer to nature with our new subscription:
A monthly box to restore, nourish and nurture wellbeing.



We are hardwired to live in harmony with nature.

The natural environment has been proven to alleviate stress in the body, increase resilience and improve cognitive ability.

Our annual subscription takes you on a journey to enhance mood, compassion for ourselves, others and the environment.

From the patterns in our plants to the materials in our products, every box brings you closer to an attuned state of being.



plants and
foundations of care

In months 1, 4, 7 and 10 you'll receive healthy plants from specialist growers and tailored care guides.


plant tools  
and mindful activities

In months 2, 5, 8 and 11 you'll receive plant tools and accessories, along with activities designed with your needs in mind.


wellbeing and home

In months 3, 6, 9 and 12 we'll equip you with all you need to create a home environment in-line with your fundamental needs.

I’ve been a subscriber for 5 months and have loved every plant so far and the different types of pot they have come with have added nice style to my flat :) My favourite plant is a tie between the parachute plant and the vanilla orchid. Highly recommend Bloombox Club!


This was a gift from my husband at Christmas and I have to say it's the best thing he's ever bought me! I love it! The plants and their pots are gorgeous and the care cards tell me exactly how NOT TO KILL them so a real win! I want to keep this subscription going forever!!!!!


I never expected a plant subscription to be this easy! I got gifted one a few months ago and the quality and service have been simply outstanding. One of my favourite things are the pots – a pretty pot can make all the difference and Bloombox's are a work of art! Can't recommend highly enough :)




Feel more attuned with yourself and your environment.

With each box you'll acquire new techniques and develop understanding in relation to nature, your environment and your own wellbeing.

Each subscription blocks acts like a stepping stone to help you learn, grow and feel more connected to nature.

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