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A black square balcony box with a selection of colorful campanulas
Purple and white campanulas in growing pots
A back potting mat with the Bloombox Club logo, compact soil and 2 potted campanulas
A close up of blue campanulas
4 campanulas in cellophane in a cardboard box
A close up of white campanulas
rectangular compact soil
A closeup of purple-pink campanulas
Blue campanulas in a blue growing pot

Campanulas Balcony Box

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A selection of bee-friendly flowers, soil and a window box with a detachable hanger

Bees are deeply connected with all of the earth's ecosystems. They pollinate 80% of all flowering plants but because of the destructive effects humans have had on the planet, the bee population is at risk of dying out. Our eco-system needs to work in unison with all species in order to function properly and without the bees, this won’t be possible.

We’ve created a beautiful outdoor box to help save the bees. Our Balcony Box has been designed with bees in mind, so you can allow wildlife to flourish and your gardens to bloom. The purple Campanula flowers are known to attract bees and supply nectar. What’s more, these gorgeous boxes will also make your balconies look amazing!

What do you get?

1 x 80cm Plant container (made of recycled plastic) and rack (with detachable hooks).

1 x Bloombox Club potting mat.

1 x Bag of compact soil.

4 x 14cm mixed variety Campanulas.  

How to use

Simply hook the container over your railing, fill it up with the soil and add your colourful Campanulas. Et voila, within minutes your outdoor space will transform!

Plant Care Tips: Campanulas

Campanulas like to be watered twice a week and prefer a shady or part-shady spot. They don’t require a lot of care but we’d recommend removing any dead flowers to make way for new ones.

Box Care Tips: 

Make sure you keep the box container clean to prevent any problems. You can scrub it with a gentle detergent and water at the beginning of the growing season.

Keep your Campanulas healthy to maintain the box in good condition, you can even re-use it for different plants!

The Campanulas

Our box boasts two types of perennial Campanulas: Adansa and Ambella. The Adansa plants are pretty and classic, while the Ambellas have a special, rounded growth habit and colourful, bell-shaped flowers. With the correct care, they could even come back every year!

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets! 

Key Benefits — Bring pollinators to your garden! 

These beautiful and colourful Campanulas will brighten your outdoor space and put a smile on your face.

Campanulas are also amazing at attracting bees and in turn, they will help your garden bloom! 

Decorate your balcony and help the bees with our amazing Campanula Balcony Box! Get yours today!