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A flowers illustrated cardboard pack of seeds
A flowers illustrated cardboard pack of seeds
brown cardboard pack with black writting

Bee attracting flower seed mixture

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Invite pollinators and watch your garden bloom!

Bees play a major part in keeping our ecosystem balanced. They pollinate flowers, plants and agricultural crops. Without them, there would be a big impact on the world’s economy and environment.
Because of the use of insecticides and climate changes, the world’s bee population is in decline.
Help the world (and your garden!) by keeping bees alive with the help of this wildflowers seed mixture!

Key Benefits — Organic and natural

This carefully selected pack of seed mixture will help your garden look even more bee-autiful ! A gorgeous variety of colourful wildflowers will blossom attracting nature’s pollinators into your outdoors!

  • Wildflowers keep your garden looking vibrant, natural and help improve the environment.
  • Create an eco-friendly area that will attract pollinators, help to increase the health of your garden and keep it looking fresh.
  • They are low-maintenance and cost-effective!

How to use

  • Your neighbours may not want your flowers in their garden. It’s best to choose a day with little or no wind!
  • Mix the seeds with sand and scatter well in a sunny or partially shaded area.
  • Wildflowers are sturdy and grow in almost any soil.

But what flowers will I get?

This seed mix includes;

Girl’s Eyes,
Remembrance Poppy,
Rose Mallow,
Evening Primrose,
Black-eyed Susan,
...and many more!

Plant Care Tips: Mixed Wildflowers

Water lightly once a day until sprouting starts, especially on hot and/or windy days.
Once the flowers start sprouting, continue the light watering for a few more days especially if the weather is drying for your flowers.
As soon as the wildflowers have taken off well, foliar feeding with a multi-purpose water-soluble fertilizer is helpful. This will give them a boost to produce gorgeous blossoms!

Plant easy-to-maintain and good for the environment flowers. Buy your Bee-attracting seed mix now!