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Silver roof small bee house, campanulas in black pot and cardboard pack of bee attracting seeds
Silver roof small bee house, pink campanulas in black pot and cardboard pack of bee attracting seeds
silver bee house with bamboo tubes
Campanulas in black pot
cardboard paper pack of bee attracting seeds
Purple campanulas in black pot

Bee-Friendly Bundle


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Welcome bees into your garden with our new bundles!

Bees play a critical role in our food supply: they pollinate up to 1/6 of all flowering plants in the world and they help increase the growth of food crops. But, did you know that our essential fuzzy friends are in danger? The bee population has been decreasing due to the use of pesticides and the effects of climate change.

But now's not the time to despair - there are ways you can help! If you care about bees as much as we do, you'll love our silver bee house bundle, it will help you create an inviting environment for these lovely pollinators and transform your outdoor space into a little green paradise!

Place the bee house in full sunshine, facing south-east or south at least 1 metre from the ground in a stable fixed position. Give it some time and watch the bees emerge!

These bundles also include a Campanula: both because they're attractive to bees and because they'll add extra charm to your garden. And f you don't have much outdoor space, they'll also look great on your balcony.

As well as a fully grown flowering plant, the silver bee bundle also includes bee attracting seeds.

How to Care For Campanulas

Campanulas are easy to care for; they’ll only need watering once to twice a week and to be placed somewhere they can receive partial to full sunlight. If you notice any dead flowers, remove them to make way for new ones.

What Do You Get?

1x Tub Pot
1x Silver Roof Bee House
1x Pack of bee-attracting flower seed mixture
1x 14cm Campanula

Pets: Not pet-friendly