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hexagonal yellow roof bee house, campanulas in brown pot and cardboard pack of seeds
white campanulas in black pot,, hexagonal bee house with yellow roof and cardboard pack of seeds
hexagonal yellow roof bee house, campanulas in teal pot and cardboard pack of seeds
close up of hexagonal yellow roof bee house
cardboard paper pack of bee attracting seeds
Bee-Friendly Bundle |  Yellow

Bee-Friendly Bundle


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Save the bees with a selection of bee-friendly products for your garden

Our honey-making friends are more important to our survival than you think! Bees not only help fertilise the plants and flowers in your garden, but also the food that you eat. Changes in climate and chemicals used in agriculture to protect crops from insects are affecting the bees population around the world. In the UK it has been reduced by around ⅓. They need your help!

We have created a lovely bundle that will add a splash of colour to your outdoor space and help you create an attractive environment, where bees will thrive and help your garden bloom.

The yellow bee bundle includes a wooden hexagonal bee house for your garden, the perfect nesting accommodation for bees species when hung in a sunny spot facing the south. The easy-to-care-for campanula flowers are really appealing to bees for nectar and pollen and they will give your garden a lovely pop of colour.

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How to Care For Campanulas

Campanulas like to be watered up to three times a week and prefer areas where they can receive partial to full sunlight. They don’t need extra care but we recommend removing any dead flowers to make way for new ones.

What Do You Get?

1x Tub Pot
1x Bee house hexagon
1x Pack of bee-attracting flower seed mixture
1x 14cm Campanula

Pets: Not pet-friendly