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Close up of the large white Caladium Garden White leaves
Caladium Garden White in a black pot

Garden White Caladium

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The biggest Caladiums we've ever had!

The Garden White Caladium is a great plant to have in your indoor or outdoor garden if you want contrasting colours. Its creamy white leaves are slightly see-through with dark green borders. 

When planned in partial shade they look like they are almost glowing! 

Overall plant height including growing pot:  45-55cm height including growing pot

Growing pot size: Growing pot size 24cm diameter. 

Key Benefits — Relax and Extent 

Being around plants reduces the levels of cortisol (our body’s stress hormone) helping us relax and feel more at ease with ourselves. The colour white is also illuminating and helps our minds focus. 

Caladiums are fast growers so will need a little attention. Studies have proved that caring for plants helps us be more self-aware and in turn, look better after ourselves! 

Plant Care Tips: The Garden White Caladium 

  • Water the Garden White Caladium often to keep the soil always moist but not wet. 
  • Place it in an area with indirect sunlight and partial shade
  • This plant will thrive in warmer temperatures, 22º to 27º is perfect! 
  • During the growing season, feed it with a liquid fertiliser or slow-release pellets 
  • If you notice leaves becoming brown, cut 5cm above the soil and new leaves will start to grow.

The Garden White Caladium Story

Caladiums are winter dormant and lose their leaves in the colder season. During that period, you can save the plant’s tubers in dry soil in a dark area and replant them again in the following Spring. 

Where are they from?

Caladiums are tropical plants mostly grown naturally in Central and South America. 

Are Caladiums the right plants for me?

Caladiums love the shade so they are perfect for shaded gardens, patios or indoors. Their leaves can be a little fragile but survive beautifully with the correct protection from wind and sun. 

They have bright leaves that bring a tropical feel to your home,  but they rarely flower. 

After we shipped your Caladium, it can get a little dry in transit. Don’t worry, this is completely normal, just make sure you water it thoroughly as soon as you receive it to bring it back to its tip-top condition within the next day or two! 

Are they toxic? They are toxic if ingested. Keep away from pets and children. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to wear gardening gloves when handling them. 

How tall does it grow? It can grow up to 24" to 36" tall

*Decorative pots sold separately

The tropical touch your home was missing! Get your Garden White Caladium now! 

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