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Close up of the Cakadium Miss Muffet spotted large leaves
Caladium Miss Muffet in a black pot
A man with dark short hair and blue t-shirt smiling holding the Caladium Miss Muffet

Caladium Miss Muffet

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The biggest Caladiums we've ever had!

Also known as Angel Wings due to its shape, Miss Muffet is a gorgeous Caladium! With paper-thin lime green leaves adorned with dark pink freckles, this plant will add a touch of colour and a tropical feel to your home! 

Caladiums have grown in popularity and are fast becoming an Instagram celebrity!

Overall plant height including growing pot:  45-55cm height including growing pot

Growing pot size: Growing pot size 24cm diameter.

Key Benefits — Transpiring and Purifying 

Caladiums are tropical plants that are used to humid environments. They are also great at filtering impurities and purifying the air we breathe. 

If given the correct care and conditions, they can act as natural humidifiers in your home! 

Plant Care Tips: The Caladium Miss Muffet 

  • Miss Muffet will appreciate a well-draining pot mixture. 
  • The soil must be kept moist, do not allow it to dry out. Water it regularly. 
  • Place it in a warm area with bright indirect sunlight. The perfect temperature is between 21ºC and 31ºC
  • During the growing season feed it with a nutrient-rich fertiliser.

The Miss Muffet Story

Many gardeners grow Caladiums as annuals, they grow in bulbs that come back every year. Their tubers are easily damaged in cold weather, they can be removed and replanted in the spring. 

Where are they from?

Native to South American tropical rainforests, 

Is the Caladium Miss Muffet the right plant for me?

Miss Muffet is a relatively easy to care for Caladium, they are sun tolerant and generally disease and pest free, making them suitable for novice and experienced gardeners alike! 

While in transit, the Caladium Miss Muffet may dry out slightly.  This is natural due to the lack of hydration and easily remediated. Make sure your water is thoroughly as soon as it arrives and it will be back in its usual marvellous shape within 24- 48 hours! 

Is it Toxic?  Toxic, keep away from pets and children.

How tall does it grow? They grow up to 12 inches high and wide. 

*Decorative pots sold separately

A trendy plant that will bring a tropical feel to your home. Get yours now! 

Looking for care information?

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