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Calathea Network

Calathea musaica 17 cm

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The Calathea Network (Goeppertia kegeljanii) is one of our Prayer Plants. It has a distinctive cross-hatch pattern on its bright green leaves. The random placement of these squares makes it look like a mosaic or stained glass, hence the botanical name, Calathea musaica.

Generally considered relatively easy to grow, the Calathea musaica is tough and resilient, so if you're new to the plant world or have a busy lifestyle this could be your match! However, Calatheas can react badly to sudden drops in temperature and low humidity so don't keep it near a radiator or window.


Growing pot size: 17cm.

Overall plant height including growing pot: 45-50cm

Key Benefits of Calathea Network

Breathe well and sleep better!

  • Calatheas are known for their incredible ability to purify toxins from the air. And, as part of their photosynthesis, they also take in carbon dioxide and with the aid of light and water, release the fresh air we breathe. 
  • Some research supports the hypothesis that certain plants can even help us sleep better! The Calatheas leaves open up in the day and close at night (Circadian rhythm) creating a calming effect and supporting a good night’s sleep! 

Calathea Network Plant Care Tips

  • Another one of our Brazilian plants, the Calathea Network, like most South Americans, appreciate warmer, stable temperatures, ideally between 18 and 30ºC.
  • Place the plant in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight and rotate it from time to time so all sides can get enough light. 
  • Keep the soil moist allowing the top inch to dry in between watering sessions. Calatheas are sensitive to fluoride so it’s best to use collected rain, filtered or bottled water. 
  • Humidity is also important, you can increase it by bringing a few plants together, using a plant humidifier or placing it on a tray with wet pebbles. Misting it often also helps.  
  • Feed it with a half diluted balanced houseplant fertiliser once every four to six weeks during the growing season. 
  • Every two to three years, repotting is recommended, check if the roots have started growing out of the drainage holes and plant it in the next size pot. 
  • Remove any damaged or rotting leaves to give way to new growth.

The Calathea Network Story

Also known as Network Prayer plant, Maranta Bella, Goeppertia Bella, Calathea Bella and Goeppertia kegeljanii ‘Network’. 

Where is it from?

Originating from the tropical regions of Brazil, mainly, the estate of Espirito Santo. 

Who is the Calathea Network?

  • The Calathea Network was first documented in 1875 as Maranta bella and is part of the Marantaceae family. 
  • Some people may consider Calatheas a bit 
  • When it comes to Calatheas in general, some people consider them a bit on the fussy side but the musaica is easier to care for than most.
  • In their native habitat, the Calathea musaica produce tiny white flowers on the end of stems but they will rarely flower indoors. We think this is not a problem as the leaves are by far their main attraction

Good for you!

  • Focus: Studies have shown that patterned leaves induce an ‘alpha response’, a relaxed yet wakeful state. 
  • Unwind: Increasing alpha activity is said to be helpful in the treatment of stress, anxiety and physical pain. 

Is The Calathea Network The Right Plant For Me?

The Calathea Network is one of the easiest Calatheas to care for, as long as you make sure it has the correct conditions, you will have a healthy plant for a long time.

Toxicity: Calathea Musaica is not considered toxic for humans or pets but its leaves are quite delicate so, it's better to keep away from your ‘curious’ housemates to avoid any damage.

How tall does it grow?  With the correct care, this plant can grow up to 60 to 90 cm.

Fascinating patterned leaves to adorn your indoor garden! Buy now! 

Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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