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dappled plant pot
A sand colour dappled plant pot
Detail of the sand colour dappled plant pot
Aglaonema plant in a sand colour dappled plant pot
Dappled plant pot with Aglaonema plant
Mistletoe Cactus in a sand colour dappled plant pot

Camel Pot

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Indoor Plant Pots are a special touch to add your own character to your plants and make your collection unique to yourself. 

The ceramic Camel pot is functional, adding stability to your green friends and quirkiness to your interior decor. Its earthy colours go well with the contrasting bright greens of Chinese Evergreens, Calatheas, Philodendrons or any of your favourite plants! 

Fits 17cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 16.5cm

Internal depth: 16.8 cm

Beautiful, unique and functional. Grab your Camel Pot today!