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Dischidia Oiantha - Demo
Dischidia Oiantha - Demo
Dischidia Oiantha - Demo
Dischidia Oiantha - Demo

Dischidia Oiantha - Demo

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If you're looking for a trailing plant to liven up your home, the Dischidia Oiantha may well be exactly what you're looking for.

The Dischidia Oiantha is so rare that it hasn't even been given a common name yet. This makes it a must-have option for all plant enthusiasts.

What's more, its gorgeous leaves give it a metallic shimmering feel, making it a truly unique indoor plant.  

Why not make use of that free wall space with the stunning Dischidia Oiantha? We guarantee it will make for a great addition to your home. 

Key Benefits Stand Out From The Crowd

The Dischidia Oiantha is truly an individual; if David Bowie was a plant, he'd feel right at home as a Dischidia Oiantha. If you like to be different, make a statement and find it the perfect place in your home.

  • Be the envy of your friends with this one-of-a-kind rarity.
  • Enjoy the unique quality of the Dischidia Oiantha's shimmering leaves.
  • Make the most of empty wall space with a fabulous hanging plant.
  • Alternatively, have the plant cascade down resplendently from a high shelf.
  • Easy-to-care for: simply leave next to bright indirect light and water whenever the soil feels dry. 

Plant Care Tips: The Dischidia Oiantha

Growing pot size: 14cm plus hanging hook. We advise buying a larger decorative pot size as the lip of the hanging pot makes it slightly bigger

Overall plant height including growing pot: 20-25cm

Pets: Keep away from nibbly pets

The Dischidia Oiantha Story

Where Am I From?

I hail from the rainforests of China and India, which is why I prefer tranquil homes with real character. Although I may be far from home, if you find a relaxing place for me to dwell I'll fit in wonderfully. 

Who Am I?

I'm the kind of plant that pulls up water and stores it in my leaves. In fact, me and my good friend the cactus share some similar traits, although I'm certainly a lot less prickly. In fact, my leaves are my proudest feature and are said to have a glimmering quality to them. 

Out in the wild, my favourite spot to bloom is on the trunks and branches of a neighboring tree, but I'll fair just as well atop your bookcase. Just make sure I get a bright spot with indirect light.  

Why I'm Good For You!

  • Vitality: my vibrant green foliage has been scientifically proven to make you feel good! By triggering an immune response in your brain, I can cause you to feel vital and healthy, just like me!
  • Perspective: I am alive, and this very fact has a significant impact on your general awareness. By being in the presence of plants, you can feel more embedded within the ecosystem and part of something living and breathing.

Is The Dischidia Oiantha The Right Plant For Me?

Although this Dischidia Oiantha is not yet a household name, that doesn't mean this plant isn't brimming with life and vitality. 

In fact, part of the appeal of this plant is its uniqueness and distinctive beauty.

The shimmering leaves, the cascading vines... what more could you ask for from a hanging basket?

If you're thinking of the perfect fit for that bookshelf or empty wall space, the Dischidia Oiantha is the plant for you. 

Useful to know


I come from Southern Africa.


As I mature I may shed some of my bulk, growing tall and lean.


I grow best in bright, indirect sunlight - don't let my leaves get scorched.


Keep me fairly moist but definitely don't let me sit in water as this can cause my roots to rot.


Keep me warm and away from draughts please!


Give me some weak fertiliser a few times during the growing season, I won't need as much in winter.


If my ferns are looking a bit straggly, you may want to give me a trim. Please use sharp shears and don't rip me.


As I'm a fast grower, I may need repotting sooner than your other plants. Check to see if I'm rootbound in Spring.


Good news: I am pet-safe!