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Kokodama Bundle
Kokodama Plants Bundle
Satin Photo For Sale
Wandering Dude Plant
Peperomia Rosso Plant
Satin Pothos Kokodama Plant
Wandering Dude Plant for Sale
Satin Pothos Kokodama Plant For Sale
Wandering Dude Kokodama Plant For Sale
Satin Pothos Kokodama House Plant
Peperomia Rosso Plant Bundle
Satin Pothos Kokodama Plant Bundle
Peperomia Rosso Plant For Sale

Fast-Growing Plants Kokodama Bundle

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What is Kokodama?

Kokodama is a fair trade, natural and biodegradable alternative for displaying the most beautiful plants! 

They are bowls made in Sri Lanka using coconut fibre and part of the profits of the sales help projects to educate local children.  

Each kokodama bowl has a matching rope to give you the option of hanging them! You will have your own indoor jungle in no time! 

The Fast Growing Bundle Includes: 

Wandering Dude | Tradescantia Zebrina

The Wandering Dude is a popular plant due to its ease of care and unusual foliage that includes silvers, purples and greens. 

This plant is a fast grower and it looks gorgeous as a trailing plant! 

Kokodama Size: 15 cm

Overall plant height including Kokodama:  5 - 15 cm

Care Tips: Place the Wandering Dude in a bright area away from sunlight, once you notice the soil drying out, give it a good watering and let the water drain out. Mist it from time to time to give it the extra humidity it needs. Normal indoor temperatures are perfect for this plant. Feed it with a diluted fertiliser once every few weeks during the growing season. 

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children 

Satin Pothos | Epipremnum Argyraeus

One of the easiest plants to look after, you have to really try to go wrong with this one! Its green leaves are heart-shaped and feature unique silver-grey splotches. 

The Satin Pothos will cling onto its neighbours: other plants, walls or pieces of furniture,  making it a statement in your home decor!  

Kokodama Size: 12 cm

Overall plant height including Kokodama:  5 - 15 cm

Care Tips: Position your Satin Pothos in an area with bright but indirect sunlight and water it when the top two inches of the soil feels dry. Spray it occasionally for a little extra humidity, the plant will appreciate it!  During the growing season, feed it with a weak general fertiliser. 

Toxicity: Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children.  

Peperomia Rosso

Also known as the Radiator plant, the Peperomia Rosso is originally from Central and South America, mainly Brazil. Its name comes from its resemblance to peppers. These compact plant leathery leaves are dark green with burgundy undersides. 

Kokodama Size: 15 cm

Overall plant height including Kokodama: 5-15 cm

Care Tips: Like the other plants in this bundle, the Peperomia likes a bright spot away from direct sunlight. Water it deeply when the soil feels mostly dry, avoid getting the crown of the plant wet. Average home temperatures and humidity are perfect as long as the plant is kept away from draughts and heating vents. 

Toxicity: Not toxic, but if eaten by your furry friends, it may cause stomach upset.  

Key Benefits — Purifying and Mood Boosting! 

Three great plants for purifying the air. As part of their photosynthesis, they filter impurities and increase air quality. 

The unique colours of this bundle can impact our moods and even relax our muscles. Burgundy colours and reds are stimulating and associated with excitement. 

Is the Hard To Kill bundle the right one for me?

The perfect starter bundle! These plants are easy to care for, forgiving and will look great in any home! 

Resistant and long-lasting. The Fast-Growing bundle will make you feel like you are in your own private jungle! Get yours today!