Aralia Fabian

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For those into feng shui, the Aralia Fabian brings the flow of love, energy and calmness - the perfect moving in gift! It's also sometimes referred to as the Dinner Plate Aralia due to its round leaves.

The upward growth is ideal for someone with limited space and due to the mass of foliage, these plants help eliminate such compounds as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon dioxide. They also help with humidity control as the plant releases 97% of the water it takes in.

Latin name: Polyscias scutellaria Fabian

Size: Comes in 12cm growing pot. Approximately 40cm high including pot. Ceramic pots may vary. 

Pets: Considered toxic so keep away from nibbly pets.

See our Plant Care Hub for care instructions.

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