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Ghost Echeveria

Echeveria lilacina

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Echeveria lilacina is sometimes called ‘Ghost Echeveria,’ on account of its ashy complexion.

As an Echeveria, it has a central, rosette-like growth habit and fleshy fronds that hold a large amount of water. They are relatively slow growing but can grow as wide as 25cm in diameter.

Echeveria lilacina can grow pale coral-coloured flowers when they’re fully established - watch out for these in early spring.

The genus name ‘Echeveria,’ is taken from Mexican artist and botanist Atanasio Echeverria y Godoy, who spent a great deal of time in the Mexican wilderness painting the incredible species that lie in its deserts and forests.

We've paired it with our Barrel pot (pot included). 

Who grows me? 

This Echeveria lilacina is an Ovata succulent. Ovata is one of the most highly regarded succulent growers in Europe, with a long history of producing top quality plants.

As well as ensuring quality, Ovata take great pains to grow in an ethical way: both environmentally and socially. They’ve cut CO2 emissions to zero, gas use to zero, and reuse rainwater with a smart filtration system.

The growers also have a programme which helps victims of the LRA in Uganda collect, process and sell Aloe vera gel.

Buying this plant contributes to Ovata’s mission and is the best assurance of quality when it comes to succulents!