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A round  ginger orange plant pot
A round ornage-ginger plant pot
The ZZ plant in the orange Ginger pot
A Snake plant in the orange ginger pot
The panda plant in the orange Ginger pot
String of pearls in the  Ginger pot
Peperomia in the ginger pot
Ginger Pot- Image 8

Ginger Pot

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With its artistic looks, specked glossed surface, this Ginger Pot will suit any indoor garden. 

It looks particularly great with Snake Plants and Calatheas and of course, anything that makes you happy! 

It’s a sturdy handmade ceramic pot that makes a perfect gift for any occasion!

Key Benefits — Protective and Decorative

If you are planning to repot your favorite plant during the growing season, this is the ideal option for small to medium green friends. 

Ceramic pots are durable and aid air and humidity flow through the plants and their roots which is beneficial in the prevention of root rotting. 

Fits 14 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 15cm

Internal depth: 14cm


Wipe it with a dry cloth 

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