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Golden Pothos with Moss Pole
Golden Pothos in the blue seacliff basket
Golden Pothos in the brown seacliff basket
Golden pothos in beige basket
Epipremnum Aureum
Golden Pothos Plant with Mass Pole
Epipremnum Aureum Plant UK
Golden Pothos Indoor Plant
Epipremnum Aureum House Plant
Epipremnum Aureum Plant with Mass Pole
Epipremnum Aureum Indoor Plant
Epipremnum Aureum House Plant With Mass Pole

Golden Pothos with Moss Pole

Epipremnum Aureum

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Golden Pothos are one of our favourites! This one is available in two sizes, planted with a moss pole as a climber. 

I have large glossy, green leaves that curve outwards and finish in a point. You can tell I'm a golden pothos because my markings are yellow.

Shiny heart-shaped leaves, with soft yellow marking, make this plant a winner in the looks department. 

Choose from 2 sizes

Medium: Growing pot size is 19cm. 

Overall plant height including growing pot and moss pole: 80cm

Large: Growing pot size is 24cm. 

Overall plant height including growing pot and moss pole: 120cm

Key Benefits — Easy going and Purifying  

The epipremnum Aureum is stupendously easy to care for AND it’s a mighty air purifier, clearing various toxins out of the air. Winner on all fronts!

How to care for the Golden Pothos

  • Golden Pothos are happy with medium to low indirect sunlight. Direct sun may burn their leaves.
  • Check that the top 2 inches of the soil are dry in between watering. Don’t overwater it! 
  • They enjoy warmer climates, 15ºC to 29º is ideal! They are not tolerant to temperatures under 10ºC.
  • Tropical plants thrive in humidity. Mist it often. You can also place the plant pot on a tray with wet pebbles if your home air is on the dry side. 
  • Golden Pothos are not super hungry. Feed is every one to two months during the growing season.  
  • If you notice that your Pothos is getting too big for its pot, it’s time to repot it. Use a larger pot and a well-draining potting mix. 

The Golden Pothos Story

The Epipremnum Aureum species 

Where is it from?

Golden Pothos are tropical plants from South Asia.

Who is the Golden Pothos?

In its natural habitat, the baby Pothos starts off with smaller leaves, as below-canopy plants.  As they grow and climb up trees to gain access to more light, their leaves grow larger. 

Good For You!

  • Productivity: Natural forms are associated with increased productivity and quick growing jungle plants like Pothos are a great help! 
  • Space: Plants that can be trained to climb with plant supports help our interiors feel more open making us feel less claustrophobic. 

Is The Golden Pothos The Right Plant For Me?

Golden Pothos may be one of the easiest plants to look after. Some people swear that it is unkillable! Even so, you still need to give it the care that it needs to grow healthy. 

The perfect plant for inexperienced and forgetful gardeners! 

Is it toxic? Toxic to humans and animals if ingested, wear gloves when handling it in case your skin is easily irritated. 

Useful to know:


French Polynesia.


I'm a speedy grower and can reach as long as 2m. Trim me to keep me under control or embrace the jungle-look and let me flow.


I like medium light; not too bright but not too shady either.


Water me when I'm drying out, I don't like too much water.


I'm pretty easy going when it comes to temperature - anything over 10 °C is fine.


Give me some weak, all-purpose fertiliser during Summer.


Just give my leaves a wipe if dust builds up, so I can breathe properly.


If I'm getting too long or a bit straggly, take sharp shears and give me a trim.


Keep me away from pets and children.


In 2016 The New Post said this guy was the most popular plant in the Big Apple. 

A beautiful plant with the addition of a moss pole so it can keep climbing, get your Golden Pothos with Moss Pole now! 

Looking for care information?

Why not search our Plantcare from A-Z guide and Green Room blog for helpful information, hints and tips.